Chapter 3. Invoking SrcDoc

The simplest way to run SrcDoc is to type: srcdoc file. This uses the default options, parses file and writes output for it in the current directory.

It should be noted that SrcDoc will refuse to parse any files whose extensions it doesn't recognize. Currently recognized extensions are: .pas, .pp, .p for Pascal or Delphi files, .txt .text for raw text files, .srd and .comment for files containing comments only.

You may specify the output directory by passing -o DIR or --output-directory=DIR as a command line parameter. The -s or --source-directory parameters specify source directories, which are added to the search path for source files. The current directory is in the source search path by default, and if any of the input files is in a directory different from the current one, this directory is also added to the search path.